Responsible and Sustainable Tourism & Santa’s Pets

Responsible and sustainable tourism at Santa’s Pets Domestic Animal Yard means practices and activities that ensure animal welfare, environmental protection, and respect for the local community, while providing visitors with an educational and enjoyable experience.

Our company’s values include honesty, responsibility, and respectful conduct. Responsible business practices are a given. We have taken sustainable development into account, and it is important to us. We are a local company and prefer local resources whenever possible. We recycle waste properly, take care of the environment, and do not harm it. We treat customers, partners, and colleagues with respect and courtesy. We have calculated our carbon footprint, and it is below average, which is satisfying.


The welfare of animals in our work is of primary importance. Our operations are determined by the Animal Welfare Act. The law determines, for example, how animals must at least be cared for, and it also determines the minimum requirements for the size of animal fences and stables, as well as the size of the herd. The stables are built of logs and the animals have heaters in the stables, so they can get warm if want. We take care the animals according to the species. The animals get healthy and suitable food. Store surplus vegetables is also tasty for almost all animals.

SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL FINLAND – National Mark for Responsible Tourism

Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland program and label for tourism companies, which Santa’s Pets received in the summer of 2024. The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program provides companies with a toolkit for developing sustainable tourism, making it easier to systematically adopt sustainable measures and choices in daily operations. Companies that go through the program and meet the criteria are awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label, signaling sustainable practices to international travelers. Companies that receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label gain access to a continuous development model and the latest information related to sustainable tourism.


The Good Travel Seal (GTS) is a method for assessing sustainability and responsibility. The Good Travel Seal is awarded to companies committed to promoting ecological, social, cultural, and economic responsible tourism and that meet the certification criteria. We earned this seal in the spring of 2024.

We entrepreneurs are from Rovaniemi, have sometimes lived elsewhere and returned. We know how to appreciate local nature, culture and traditions. Here’s some information about what else we do besides hosting customers to meet animals. We value intangible experiences and organize them.