Introducing Santa’s Pets

Santa’s Pets is located in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. You can visit the animals, and we also organize walks in the woods with reindeer and alpacas. Please let us tell you a little bit about ourselves and the people behind the company.

Santa’s Pets is a family run business. The owners of the resort are Marjo and Pasi. The business started in 2018. We’ve always liked to visit petting zoos with our own kids and that’s where the idea came from. Our family has 3 children. Especially at the beginning, the children have been very involved in the work, caring for the animals, playing among themselves or with the tourist children without a common language or sitting in the back room waiting. The biggest ones have also been involved in customer service and for all kinds of work on the farm.

Our grandparents have been a great help in so many things; if we listed all their help here, it would be a novel.

This has been awesome. Really varied work. Sometimes it is difficult. Here you can be the CEO but also an elf, zookeeper, seller, marketer, office worker, cleaner, head, designer, builder, gardener and whatever else is needed. Days are really varied. We also do this ourselves physically on site daily. In the morning, the animals are cared for, the spaces are cleaned, snow work is done, etc. Customers are served during the day. We walk for hours a day, whatever the weather. We are open every day of the year. Customers are usually happy and satisfied. Animals are therapists for both clients and us. You can be here as a farmer. Sometimes it is busy and hectic and sometimes it is calmer so you can enjoy more of the animals and do all kinds of cleaning work. Computer work is done at some point every day. That is quite a lot to do.

Saana. She has graduated from school in Natural and Environmental Protection.

Inka. Her profession is an animal trainer.

Maisa. Her profession is a zoo keeper.

Miika. He has graduated from school in Natural and Environmental Protection.

Santeri is our garden worker and he works 3 times a week.

Riikka, professional with horses.

Joona studies logistics.

Venla. She is studying animal care.

Let’s not forget all the others who work less and are in training with us, both from Finland and abroad. Not our other partners either. A special mention goes to Natalie who works for animals in many ways. She does work, for example, in Rovaniemi animal protection.

And a big thank you to our lovely customers.

We will continue this with positivity. This is a continuous development and we are always thinking about how we can get even better with our existing resources. We are going to continue in the same way, always adding something new, wonderful and inspiring. We have in mind to organize various excursions for clients one day.


Marjo & Pasi

Marjo ja Pasi


In the following pictures, wonderful memories from over the years.: