Sustainable tourism

Responsible animal tourism refers to tourism activities and destinations that prioritize the well-being of animals, ensuring that they are treated humanely and that their natural behaviors and habitats are respected. The company’s values are honesty, responsibility and respectful behavior. We want to be responsible in every way. We have taken sustainable development issues into account and that is important to us. We are a local company and prefer local in everything if possible. We have measured our carbon footprint and it seems really good. We recycle waste properly. We take care of the environment, we don’t damage the environment. We treat customers, partners and colleagues in accordance with good manners.


The welfare of animals in our work is of primary importance. Our operations are determined by the Animal Welfare Act. The law determines, for example, how animals must at least be cared for, and it also determines the minimum requirements for the size of animal fences and stables, as well as the size of the herd. The stables are built of logs and the animals have heaters in the stables, so they can get warm if want. We take care the animals according to the species. The animals get healthy and suitable food. Store surplus vegetables is also tasty for almost all animals.

We are currently working on the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which should be ready and in June 2024.